United 3D Labs is happy to release the 2018 Demo Reel, which features VR, AR and interactive solutions. These shots are a small sampling of all the great work created by our artists, compiled in a two-minute video.

These is a set of completely different works developed by us, which are united by one feature: they all are designed for active interaction with users. You don’t just watch a beautiful video or presentation, but actively participate in the process.

Moreover, our amazing creative team of designers, artists, modelers, animators on the one hand, and programmers, engineers, technical specialists on the other, allows us to create both technically complex and beautiful solutions.

We work with Unreal and Unity3D game engines, Ventuz and TouchDesigner real-time visualization systems, d3 and Resolume Arena multimedia servers; besides, we exploit Optitrack and LaserTouch tracking systems; we also use Kinect, Leap, Myo controllers.

United 3D Labs delivers content in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. We create applications for most common virtual and augmented reality headsets, such as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft Hololens.

We invite you to our demo room, where we will be happy to demonstrate our projects and discuss your ideas.

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