Within the framework of the "Sacred Geography of Kazakhstan" project, United 3D Labs has created a 360-degree panoramic video based on virtual tours of historical sites.

United 3D Labs takes an active part in the program of cultural heritage conservation in the Republic of Kazakhstan. One of its objectives is the digitization of historical monuments and facilities. Virtual replicas serve the basis for virtual tours and 360° panoramic videos.

360° video is a great asset for demonstrating three-dimensional objects. It is quite a different way of visual storytelling. Plus, you could use a simple mobile-based VR headset, such as Google Cardboard, for example.

There are several ways to create a 360° video: you can use 3D scenes or shootings carried out with 360° cameras (for example, Insta360 PRO). However, there are several things you should keep in mind while filming. First of all, the camera has a smaller dynamic range, hence evening (or any poor lightning situation) is not the best time for shooting. Moreover, shooting a 360-degree video is rather different from shooting conventional videos and movies. For instance, additional light sources cannot be used as there is no way to hide them. The camera captures nearly everything around it. This way, be careful not to make any slip-ups or have unwanted objects or people in the picture.

However, these small inconveniences shouldn’t stop you from shooting. 360-degree videos have great impressive effects, especially when viewed with VR headsets. They give you the opportunity to interactively look around in the content.

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