United 3D Labs has created content for a column video wall of Digis company. This solution was presented at Integrated System Russia exhibition that focuses on audiovisual and information-communication technologies.

At the exhibition Digis system integrator demonstrated the products it supplies, focusing on Christie MicroTiles video cubes, which are a great solution for building high resolution video walls of any configuration and no interrupting bezels.

To fully demonstrate the infinite possibilities that MicroTiles video cubes provide for video designers, we compiled them in a column with a height of almost 5 meters; the width of one cube is only 40 cm. In total, the column consists of 60 Christie MicroTiles video cubes with the 720x8100 pixels resolution of one side of the column!

Motion designers of United 3D Labs have developed a vibrant, dynamic and eye-catching video clip that was transmitted on all four sides of the column. Due to its height, the column was visible from any point of the exhibition pavilion. We created the content in such a way to attract as much attention as possible to Digis company and its services. Therefore, the video cubes column served as quite a spectacular and efficient advertising pointer to the company booth.

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