United 3D Labs has developed a virtual tour for a large industrial enterprise.

The majority of industrial plants and factories have vast territories of several tens of hectares, and if you need to take a tour within it, this could take quite a lot of time. Moreover, a car sometimes is not the most convenient way to move around the territory, in this case such tour can take even the whole day.

There are several ways out but we believe that a definitive solution to the problem is the creation of a photo-realistic virtual reality of the plant, including buildings, different facilities, routes of communication, etc. that form the unit of the enterprise. This way the user can pick up a joystick and move around the territory in any direction, stopping and examining (or explaining) the necessary details.

This virtual tour, developed by United 3D Labs, can be demonstrated both on a video wall and in virtual reality headset. This way you can experience the VR to the fullest as a completely real tour. Maybe one slight difference: even when the weather outside is nasty, it is always sunny in our virtual world. Furthermore, there are always renovated buildings and brand new smooth roads!

And one more thing: virtual reality can offer options that are impossible or extremely difficult to implement in real life. Here you can just fly over the territory of the plant or between different facilities. 

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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