Moscow hosted Integrated System Russia, an annual exhibition of system integration, audiovisual and information-communication technologies. United 3D Labs has developed an augmented reality installation for the booth of Digis company.

ISR is the largest (if not the only) exhibition of this kind in Russia and the majority of system integrators take part in it. Naturally, its participants demonstrate their equipment and completed projects, hold seminars and presentations, but there is still some time for entertainment.

This year, the exhibition booth of one of the biggest Russian system integrator companies Digis was dedicated to sports. That’s why artists and programmers of United 3D Labs developed installation on sport personalities using augmented reality technology for their colleagues and partners from Digis.

How does it work? As visitors approach the wall, their images appear on the screen with three dimensional masks of famous players, such as Arshavin, Rooney, Zidane and others on their faces. What is more, while the guests of the exhibition were entertained by imagining themselves outstanding football players, the system automatically took photos that were sent to the nearby iPad. Having a lot of fun, guests could come to the tablet, choose their most favorite ones and print them right away.

As always, the United 3D Labs team provided the event not only with multimedia solutions, but also with high-quality technical support. Of course, the equipment works in automatic mode, but in case of any unforeseen accidents and technical failures, our engineers were present at the exhibition.

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