United 3D Labs has developed an augmented reality application for ROSEL holding.

ARKit and (Apple) ARCore (Google) are the platforms for developing augmented reality solutions for mobile devices which opened the way for programmers and designers to the virtual world. Now it is much more accessible to develop augmented reality applications.

The technology has made a splash in sales, marketing, and advertising. The most advanced enterprises closely follow all the technological innovations and try to apply them in their work. They are the first ones to see the advantage the new developments have to offer: augmented reality allows you to fit the company’s entire product range in just one AR application. It can turn any product into an attractive 3D model, which your customers can study from all sides and even look inside. Moreover, you can easily demonstrate the product in different modifications, for instance, make it in the client's favorite color in a split second!

3D augmented reality catalogs are even more crucial for companies of the military-industrial complex. Often products of such companies can be demonstrated to the public with some alterations (for instance, it might be necessary to remove or change certain elements). This way you can transform the product or demonstrate different modifications by pressing just a button.

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