United 3D Labs, commissioned by the "LANIT-Integration" company, develops digital replicas of the sacred sites of Kazakhstan.

"Sacred Kazakhstan" program was adopted in 2017 by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main priority of the program is to preserve important sites of national and cultural heritage. The goal is to pass it on the future generations as cultural heritage is an irreplaceable source of inspiration. United 3D Labs has been in a part of the large-scale national project, creating virtual copies of historical artifacts and structures.

There are two main stages in digital work on conservation of cultural heritage: gathering source materials and then processing the information. For the first stage we carry out laser scanning, photogrammetry, aerial photography and the final step is indexing all the source materials. Mainly expeditions take place in summer, however there are always exceptions. For example, we were working in the Karakhan Mausoleum (Taraz city) in December. At that time the temperature sometimes dropped to -28°C. Although the temperature fell far below zero, and there were snow drifts during the expedition, a digital replica of the Karakhan Mausoleum greets the viewer with the warm summer sun and green grass.

Within the second stage a large amount of data gathered in expeditions are processed in the studio. Thousands of images on physical objects and the environment, captured while photogrammetry, are transformed into photorealistic textures. Using the data acquired in the process of laser scanning, we recreate items, artifacts and architectural structures are recreated in virtual space with millimeter accuracy. It all comes together in real-time 3D visualization systems (in most cases that is Unreal and Unity) to get a completely realistic virtual copy of, for example, a historical monument.

There are several ways you could use virtual copies:

  •  "Sacred map of Kazakhstan" website: here you can find 360-degree panoramas and simplified 3D models. Naturally, in this case the quality of visualization is simplified. However, it offers a considerable advantage: any person anywhere in the world can truly familiarize him/herself with culture of Kazakhstan. All it takes is just internet connection.

  • computer application: this solution is great intended for schools and educational institutions;

  •  virtual tours for VR headsets.

The latter option, combined with the photorealistic quality of virtual copies of sacred places, is designed for museums and scientific institutions. It allows the user to travel in space and time, offers a chance to see the unique historical monuments.

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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