United 3D Labs has developed several multimedia solutions for the “Roselectronics” holding company, which took part in the MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon.

For instance, the MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon There are business days devoted entirely to the business program, and there are days for visitors. Naturally, specialists and ordinary visitors are interested in different things, so it is a demanding task to attract and engage with people within one and the same trade show booth. Various interactive solutions come to rescue as visitors can go for the areas they are actually interested in.

United 3D Labs has developed more than a dozen of different multimedia exhibitions for the exhibition booth of the Roselectronics holding company. Some of the solutions are worth bringing to attention.

Video walls

Bright, colorful, dynamic content is visible from afar; it is usually visually appealing. Basically, the video wall serves the same purpose as a well-designed layout of the booth. However, unlike the latter, video walls offer a new, dynamic way of delivering informative and artistic content. High-resolution video walls can deliver much more information than the standard Full HD display of the information kiosk. Moreover, the non-standard shape allows you to effectively shape the visual solution. 

Hologram pyramids

Actually, the hologram pyramids have nothing to do with holography. A pyramid usually consists of a TV, located horizontally at the bottom or top of the structure, which makes invisible to the visitors. There are also three semi-transparent mirrors, located at a 45° angle, which form the pyramid. The image from the TV falls on the mirrors, reflects, and falls into the eyes of the person. As a result, there is a very realistic illusion that a real three-dimensional (holographic) object is inside the pyramid. For this similarity, the pyramid is called holographic.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to it. You can place limited content in the pyramid. For instance, just a few 3D models. However, you can install a second control touch display and make the pyramid interactive. This offers you an opportunity to incorporate any amount of information in it as visitors can choose the topics of interest.

Interactive presentations

Naturally, a trade booth of a major company cannot do without interactive presentations. The amount of information that is necessary to convey to the visitors is usually so large that no other way is simply not able to do it effectively. The only option is to collect all the necessary content, give it a beautiful and, most importantly, convenient interface, install on a multimedia kiosk and give it to users. They will choose what they need. 

Augmented reality

Augmented and virtual reality can provide that much-needed 'wow factor' to help increase visitors to your stand. However, this works, if exhibitors use this technology in the most effective ways. For instance, if there is not enough space is at your booth, go for augmented reality. It is a great choice for demonstrating items that you cannot physically accommodate. Take a tablet or a smartphone, develop an ARKit or ARCore based app. WOW – there is an unmanned aerial vehicle hovering above the tightly packed exhibit. Moreover, this way the entire range of manufactured products can be demonstrated. All the 3D assets are absolutely photorealistic. Users can also walk around the object as if it were real.

The choice of interactive exhibitions for trade shows and exhibition booths is not limited to the examples above. Any solution is appropriate if it solves one of the two main tasks of participation in the exhibition - drawing the audience to your booth and marketing the business, showcasing its products or services. 

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