United 3D Labs has created an information video on the manufacturing method of sub-modules. The resolution of the video is 10240x1800 pixels!

United 3D Labs, commissioned by a leading Russian research and production enterprise, has developed an information video that demonstrates all stages of such complex technological process as manufacturing of submodules.

The video is intended to be broadcast on a video wall, 20x3,5 meters, while the viewers can stand quite close to the screen. Therefore, the info video is made with a very high resolution of 10240x1800 pixels: this is 9 times higher than a standard full HD resolution or 45 times higher than a frame of the standard television broadcasting.

However, this opens up another challenge: demonstrating such video files as none of the standard video players can work with a file with the resolution that high. This way, we used Ventuz as a player and HAP codec for achieving higher-performance video playback. By the way, the four-minute video fie is about the same size as a full-fledged feature film recorded on a Blu-ray disc: 38 GB.

Dealing with such a huge amount of data can be also challenging, so United 3D Labs specialists made it work as we have a local network with a speed of 4 GB per second, storage servers with a total capacity of 300 TB, 512 GB RAM graphic stations and a private GPU render farm.

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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