The main feature of video is its resolution – 10240x1800 pixels. This is 9 times higher than the standard Full HD!

United 3D Labs, commissioned by one of the largest Russian scientific and production enterprise, has created a video about the features and application of a targeting system.

The system is an electron-optical device that is used to detect targets, as well as to obtain reliable high-detailed images when observing during the day or at night in any weather conditions, even when using protective smoke or any other interferences. This device is designed for installation in unmanned aerial vehicles, helicopters, ships and other equipment.

United 3D Labs specialists create videos with a resolution of 10K using our own GPU render farm,  4 Gb/s local network, 512 GB RAM graphics station and 300 TB total server capacity.

However, demonstrating such video files could be an issue as none of the standard video players can work with a file with the resolution that high. This way, we used Ventuz as a player and HAP codec for achieving higher-performance video playback.

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