United 3D Labs, commissioned by a Russian industrial enterprise, has developed an info video about a radar targeting system. The resolution of the video is just striking:10240х1800 pixels!

The reason for ultra-high resolution of the video is the fact that it is intended for display on a huge video wall.

In this case the video wall is almost 20 meters long and is shaped as a semi-cylinder, providing a wide field of view from all sides. This way, the viewer never moves further than 6 meters from the wall. As a result, it demands a high-resolution video in order to reproduce a high-quality image

The main focus of the info video is a radar targeting system. It is a very complex product, which consists of both optical and electronic components. The video demonstrates in detail the structural features of the system, its constitutive elements, performance characteristics and the possible uses for it.

Thanks to our own unique GPU render farm, local network with a capacity of 4 Gb/s, 512 GB RAM graphic workstations but, most importantly, to our excellent 3D artists, animators and compositors, United 3D Labs managed to create this info video with such a huge resolution in just 5 weeks!

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