United 3D Labs, commissioned by a leading Russian research and development enterprise, has created a unique information video about multifunctional modules. Its resolution is 10 000 pixels, which is 9 times higher than standard Full HD!

The modules produced by this enterprise are reliable, they also have high density of the layout and therefore the minimum weight and dimensions. 

All the designs and technologies are patented. Some of them have no analogues in the world.

When creating the video, the specialists of the United 3D Labs had two main tasks:

  1. to clearly show not only the technical characteristics, but also the complexity of the internal structure of the product;
  2. to make a promo video in a non-standard resolution of 10240x1800 pixels (10K).

The first task was solved with the help of motion design. Experience shows that motion design is much more capacious, fast and convenient form of explanation for such tasks than photo and video materials.

For the second task we implemented our own GPU renderfarm, graphics stations with 512 GB of RAM and fiber optic network based on Infiniband 56 Gb/s.

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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