United 3D Labs, commissioned by one of the largest system integrators in Russia “Polymedia”, has developed an interactive installation for International Telecommunications, Innovations and High Technologies Exhibition and Conference “Bakutel” held in Baku. There were several interactive visual solutions presented at the booth of the company; in particular, a video wall consisted of 2.8 mm pixel pitch LED displays.

One of our objectives was to show a great color rendition and a small pixel pitch of the video wall, so the source materials were bright high-quality photos and videos. Also, the interactive installation itself could work in two modes. 

In the first mode, it reacts to the movements of nearby people. Polymedia booth was located in the central part of the exhibition; thus there was a constant flow of people. The entire video wall was divided into 578 virtual cubes. While there is no one walking by, you can see big beautiful images of modern Baku. As soon as a visitor appears the cubes "turn over" to the other side showing black and white photos of the city of XIX-early XX century. But they don’t turn all at once, their movement corresponds to contours of people passing by. Managing the interactive installation in this mode is carried out by two software synchronized sensors Asus Xtion PRO (similar to Kinect, but more comfortable in professional use). 

In the second mode, the video wall was controlled by a 55-inch multi-touch display. The main purpose of this solution was to demonstrate the possibilities of content management using a remote touchpad. With the help of a multi-touch display, guests of the exhibition could put various photo and video materials on a large videowall screen and take a virtual tour of some installations implemented by Polymedia. Switching between the two operating modes of the system is carried out automatically. Users need just to touch the display, so that the interactive installation exit the gesture control mode and began to follow commands from the multi-touch display. If within 2 minutes the users do not touch the display, the system returns to the sensor control mode.

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