United 3D Labs, commissioned by the “Roselectronics” holding company, has designed an interactive multimedia presentation for the company, which was taking part in the International Military-Technical Forum «ARMY».

There are certain difficulties associated with the demonstration of a huge variety of company products (some of which could also be quite large) at exhibitions and events. It is especially true when the event is taking place abroad, the area of the booth is small, and there is little time for arrangement.

In this case, an interactive presentation is always a great choice. First and foremost, one of the main advantages is a certain freedom it offers: there is no time limit, which means users can thoroughly explore the parts they are specifically interested in. It is especially relevant if the presentation contains high quality and photorealistic 3D models of the company's products.

Another significant benefit of an interactive presentation is that is shows not only the product itself but also its tactical and technical characteristics, application options, features, and diagrams. Computer graphics is a way to demonstrate products when their exact appearance cannot be shown due to the limitations imposed by the preserving commercial or state secrets. The latter factor is very relevant for industrial enterprises of the Military-Industrial Complex.

Plus, you can take the presentation software with you anywhere on a USB flash drive. Even when the event is taking place in another country, you just take it with you, rent an interactive kiosk and a large display (or a video wall) and you are all set.

The presentation for a holding company was developed with Ventuz software environment, which is designed for high-end audiovisual content production. This way, using the advantages that Ventuz offers made our work faster and graphics more impressive.

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