United 3D Labs has developed a multimedia presentation for Shvabe holding, which is the largest Russian manufacturer responsible for the development and production of high-tech optical-electronic systems.

Presentations are currently one of the most popular forms of visualization of information. Literally everyone uses them in day-to-day life. They come in a lot of forms and types. However, the most effective ones are definitely interactive presentations, which respond to users’ actions. Their effectiveness is attributable to the fact that interactive presentations can embrace a huge amount of information and offer users an opportunity to choose exactly what they are interested in. Plus, they deliver fun and entertaining experiences.

Furthermore, in the case of an interactive solution, viewers in a sense create the graphics themselves. What does that mean? You touch a menu item, and the screen blooms in mesmerizing patterns. When you pull a slider, a model of the newest phone appears right in front of your eyes. Users are no longer just bystanders anymore, they are actively involved in the process. This undoubted creates a much greater effect.

The interactive presentation for Shvabe Holding is designed to work on multitouch devices (such as touch tables and kiosks); it embraces a complete catalog of product - photorealistic 3D models, detailed performance characteristics, and information about all the enterprises of the holding.

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