United 3D Labs has created the second, revised and significantly expanded version of the presentation video about the products manufactured by the scientific-production enterprise for its booth at the 2nd International Forum “Engineering Technologies”.

This presentation video, developed by United 3D Labs, was demonstrated for the first time at the MAKS 2011 International Air and Space Show. The new version, just as previous one, demonstrates the principles of compact pulsed amplifier klystron, UHF vacuum device, as a part of radar homing air-to-air missile. 

Progress never stays put, so new technological developments of the enterprise demanded an update of the presentation video. The new version complements and extends the performance characteristics of klystron; we also added the description of UHF solid-state multifunctional modules. 

Due to specifics of the product and its illustrative nature the video uses only three-dimensional computer graphics. 

Despite the deliberately game-oriented narrative, the presentation video explains in detail the purpose of the products developed by the largest in Russia scientific-production enterprise specializing in development and production of UHF devices.

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