United 3D Labs, commissioned by the “Roselectronics” holding company, has created a video about the products manufactured by enterprises belonging to the holding.

The main purpose of the video is to demonstrate the work of high-tech equipment, which provides the basis for detection, identification, communication, electronic countermeasures, and control systems. This defined the fact that the video is entirely made of photorealistic three-dimensional graphics and animation. Shooting military equipment is often tricky and challenging. With the help of computer graphics, it is possible to demonstrate both the products themselves and the ways of their application. Especially when you add some infographics, diagrams, and drawings.

Furthermore, the cost and production time are also important factors. It is much cheaper and faster to shoot a conventional production tank rather than to create a photorealistic 3D model and animate it. However, there are unique products manufactured in different parts of the country, which makes the task more difficult. Moreover, some items are not to be filmed. This way computer graphics for demonstrating military products is always a win.

Photorealistic 3D graphics works great when showing the advantages of military equipment not only to specialists but also for those who do not have a corresponding background. This way we can combine diagrams and drawings with powerful images.

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