United 3D Labs has created a video for Shvabe holding, which is the largest Russian manufacturer responsible for the development and production of high-tech optical-electronic systems.

Shvabe is an innovative holding, which is a part of the Rostec group and is the major producer in the optical industry. Today "Schwabe" is:

  • 64 organizations in various regions of Russia.
  • Over 18,000 specialists, including 5,000 design engineers and developers.
  • The range of products produced at the holding enterprises is more than 6,500 units of competitive and in-demand goods. Plus, there is a constantly developing sales and marketing network.
  • Manufacturing of optical materials and technologies, laser systems and complexes, science-intensive medical equipment, energy-saving illumination devices, and other high-tech products.
  • Over 2200 of intellectual property objects. Unique technologies in the development and production of optical materials, hydro- and acousto-optics, low-temperature optics, high-energy lasers, etc.

The presentation video developed by United 3D Labs covers all the main activities of the holding company.

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