United 3D Labs has created an info video about the use of thermal imaging modules. 

Currently, thermal imaging devices are widely used in science and technology. For example, in the field of special equipment these devices are used for observation, reconnaissance, aiming, protection of objects, etc. They offer a number of advantages: thermal imaging devices provide long-range vision regardless of the intensity of natural light, which allows them to operate 24 hours a day; they possess the ability to work in light interference and, to a certain extent, with reduced transparency of the atmosphere (in cases of fog, rain, snow, dust, smoke, etc.) 

The created info video of United 3D Labs clearly shows the range of applications of these modules based on uncooled bolometric matrices: they are part of the mobile and stationary thermal imaging systems of ground and air basing. 

The video is based on three-dimensional graphics and motion design, which allowed to demonstrate the design and technical characteristics of these modules in clear and accessible way. 

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