Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation at the time, attended X International Investment Forum “Sochi-2011” where he visited the virtual reality pavilion devoted to facilities and amusements of the future Adventure Park under construction.

Specialists of United 3D Labs have developed a unique virtual reality system based on three innovative solutions:

1.      The gesture control system developed by the programmers United 3D Labs for virtual reality. Visitors of the Pavilion could control their movements and directions of the walk without using any additional devices, such as a keyboard or an interactive kiosk.

2.      We implemented game engine in the development of architectural rendering. Now the viewer is not tied to the virtual the developers’ plan and can determine which objects (s)he wants to focus his attention on. Virtual walk has become as free as similar experiences in a computer game! You can stop at any object and carefully examine it by simply reaching out and giving a gesture command to the virtual reality control system.

3.      The reverse projection system makes it possible for the virtual park to be projected on three large screens. This way the vision angle is 240 degrees! It covers the viewer’s perspective from all sides. A visitor, taking a walk in the virtual Olympic Park, literally turns out to be in the middle of it.

To make it work you don’t even need a cinema hall and expensive equipment! Full-fledged virtual reality is available at your exhibition booth or in your office today!

You are welcome to be our guest! We will be happy to discuss your ideas in our demo-room, help you to choose the solution which fits you best and demonstrate our works.

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