United 3D Labs has developed 3D content for an interactive gesture-controlled display case. We are very proud to be a part of the first project of the kind in Moscow.

Using special rear projection film, the showcase of the gallery "Svyaznoy 3" (mobile network operator in Russia) on Tverskaya street was transformed into an interactive screen. A distinctive feature of the project is its  gesture controlled content, which we made possible by using infrared cameras and special software. This way passers-by can play ball with a virtual girl in the shop window without even touching the screen. In between, she demonstrates new products and tells about the services of the store.

The interactive module is based on optical tracking technology that detects human movements: the image comes from the cameras, and the data is analyzed in real time mode. Interactivity of the project is a revolutionary solution in the interaction between user and product, which opens up new prospects for the advertising market. Consumers are not just demonstrated a product; they are actively involved in advertising communication.

You are welcome to be our guest! We will be happy to discuss your ideas in our demo-room, help you to choose the solution which fits you best and demonstrate our works.

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