United 3D Labs develops applications for industrial applications for augmented reality headsets, such as:  

  • remote assistance systems;

  • real-time output of APCS data;

  • interactive documentation and animated manuals;

  • 3D reference materials and catalogues;

  • training courses;

  • remote group decision support systems. 

The use of augmented reality technology in industrial enterprises is becoming a tendency. As a result, you can not only quickly obtain the necessary information, but also get it in a three dimensional form next to the objects of real life. Thus the technology opens up great opportunities to improve the productivity of employees. Operating personnel do not need contact the specialists for instructions on a regular basis; besides, sometimes young professionals can be quite distracting. In augmented reality headset, on the other hand, all the necessary data is literally in front of your eyes. Plus, this information is available at any moment: there is no need to spend precious time to find the right section or drawing.

The remote assistant systems for augmented reality glasses allow even inexperienced employees to perform maintenance of complex equipment, as the visual information is send to the computer of an expert who can give advice both orally and by transmitting handwritten notes and information directly to the employee's glasses.

Significant advantages can be offered by augmented reality glasses with tracking of the surrounding space, such as Microsoft Hololens, Meta or Magic Leap. These headsets allow you to accurately position and fix the position of virtual objects in the real world, which means that an employee does not need to constantly look at certain markers, the headset will determine which room the employee is in and what he is looking at.

Moreover, These AR goggles headsetalso allow you to synchronize the coordinates of space and time with each other. That makes it possible for people who wear the headsets but, for instance, located in different parts of the country to see the same three-dimensional hologram.

Augmented reality offers great advantages when working with multi conveyor systems on or in control rooms. It's high time you introduced this innovative technology in your company!

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