One of United 3D Labs areas of activity efforts is developing is high-quality photorealistic digital twins of historical monuments and objects within the framework of cultural heritage conservation program.

There are several techniques to be exploited in order to create a digital replica, such as using laser and 3D scanning, photogrammetry, photography (including aerial). As a result, we collect a huge amount of accurate data about the appearance of the cultural monument. Next step is to systematize and process all the source materials, then create a digital replica of a historical object, reproduced in virtual reality with photorealistic quality and high accuracy.

In addition to preserving the visual of monuments or constructions of historical and cultural value to be used for restoration works in case of natural catastrophes, creation of digital copies serves to acquaint everyone with the culture of the country. Sometimes it is much more important than just reproducing the appearance. Virtual tours primarily serve to achieve this goal. Besides, working with a digital object on the screen is more convenient for restoration or scientific work than virtual reality.

A virtual copy of the mausoleum may look as if it has just been renovated. Moreover, you can walk around it both in the daytime and at night, lighting your way with a flaming torch. If you hear a strange noise, you can quickly grab your sword. Would you say it is too much like a computer game? Maybe you are right, but is it a bad thing to get acquainted with the history of the country while playing? With the help of virtual time machine take part in events that happened long ago.

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