United 3D Labs, commissioned by a major Moscow developer, has created a virtual tour of the residential quarter, assembled on the basis of spherical panoramas for Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headsets.

Memorable presentation is a key to success especially in sales. Virtual reality gives you a head start here. It removes all the limitations imposed by a simple flat image and not only shows you both interiors and exteriors of your future flat, but you can also experience living there. People don’t always fancy dusty construction sites, but this mind-blowing visual experience will definitely attract customers. So, feel like home, buy a new home. 

Not convinced yet? Such a virtual tour has many advantages. Here are the main ones:

First, it is mobile and don’t demand any wires. The equipment set (headset + phone) can easily fit even in a woman's handbag, which means that you are no longer limited to the sales office, estate agents can easily come and have a presentation any place it will be convenient to the client, whether it's an office, a restaurant or even an apartment.

Secondly, it has photorealistic graphics, which makes everything around you feel 100% real.

Third, it is cheap. The cost of the equipment is less than 500 dollars.

Fourth, this provides a 360-degrees view. At any time, the user can look around, up or down: behave as if he or she is actually there. Using Samsung Gear VR headsets, nothing will distract the client as this experience offers100% immersion in a new reality. 

Fifth, it is a large number of objects to show at the same time. The content is stored on the internal memory of the phone and does not take up much space. Accordingly, you can have several presentations of your objects and quickly show the client other alternatives.

New impressions, strong emotions and unusual experience: all this is transferred to the perception of the product and contributes to successful sales!

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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