United 3D Labs, commissioned by LANIT group of companies, takes part in digitization of cultural monuments and objects of historical heritage of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

There is a large scale project carried out in Kazakhstan – cultural heritage conservation program. Historical monuments, ancient artifacts, and objects of modern art are digitized within the framework of projects of "Sacred geography of Kazakhstan" and the State Digital Catalogue of Museum Funds of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This way no fire or natural disaster can permanently destroy the unique cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

No doubt that people would spend money and time traveling to Rome. However, there is a much larger number of those who do not have such an opportunity. Obviously, taking a virtual tour in Colosseum is not able to entirely convey the atmosphere of the streets of Rome or the unique gesticulation and speaking manner of Italians. Nevertheless, it greatly helps to enable a real walk-through experience of the space or fully understand what is the architectural monument like. With the right equipment (such as a VR headset or computer), you can travel to destinations all over the world without ever having to leave your home. Moreover, in a few years or decades, virtual reality experiences will be almost indistinguishable from the real world.

How do we create virtual copies of sacred places in Kazakhstan for VR tours? First of all, United 3D Labs specialists collect a huge amount of materials: there are photogrammetry, aerial photography, 360 panoramic images, point clouds that the laser scanner captures.

Next, this data is going to be processed, which leads to creating 3D models. Then they are imported to the Unreal game engine. Here they are finally brought to their photorealistic look: 3D models get textures and shaders, the lighting is adjusted. Voila -  the audience is presented with a virtual replica of historical monuments, which they have probably never seen with their own eyes before.

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