United 3D Labs

offers effective AR/VR solutions

Social distancing and self-isolation, travel restrictions: these are the sad realities of today. However, it is not a reason to stop working, studying or communicating. Be smart and remote! Take a closer look at virtual and augmented reality solutions.

VR conferences

Virtual reality solutions for collaboration, communication and training.


  • Fully immersive;
  • Unlimited number of users simultaneously;
  • Remote access from anywhere in the world;
  • Psychologically comfortable environment;   
  • No dress code.

Augmented reality tablet apps

Virtual objects reside in the real-world right in front of the user.


  • 100% accuracy;
  • The highest quality and detail;
  • The entire product range is available on a simple tablet;
  • There is no need for bulky equipment;
  • It works on any mobile device, iPad or Android.

Virtual reality 3D visualization

It is a great opportunity to show customers all the advantages of your product in VR headsets.


  • Absolutely photorealistic;
  • Any number of items can be displayed;
  • Instant change of the product range;
  • Demonstrating all the possible options;
  • Online purchases.

Remote assistance system for AR headsets

The solution helps to control the work of personnel and provides prompt assistance to line workers from experts, who might be located thousands of kilometers away.


  • Real-time operation;
  • An expert sees the same thing as a worker;
  • Constant audio communication;
  • Transferring images and instructions;
  • Video recording.

Virtual portals on the Internet

This solution offers you unparalleled access to various places without ever leaving your house. Moreover, there is no need for a VR headset.


  • Access via any browser;
  • It can be run on any computer;
  • Authentic movement effect;
  • Creating a virtual portal takes no more than a couple of days;
  • You can add text information, comments, photos, and videos to the tour.

Virtual reality simulators

Now you don't need to spend money on materials or risk damaging pricey equipment while training new employees.


  • 100% safe;
  • Authentic equipment operation simulation;
  • No need to take experienced stuff off work to do the training;
  • Several trainees can have sessions simultaneously;
  • Each session can be retaken an unlimited number of times.

Virtual tours for VR headsets

An amazing opportunity to find yourself in different parts of the world, where you have never been in real life.


  • An unforgettable immersion in the atmosphere of the place;
  • Photorealistic graphics;
  • 100% accuracy and credibility;
  • Accessible for people with disabilities;
  • Contributes to a more significant increase of visitors.

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