United 3D Labs offers services in developing interactive solutions based on real-time 3D visualization platform UNIGINE. These are:

  • training simulators;
  • industrial simulators;
  • digital twins;
  • interactive 3D models;
  • real-time visualization systems.

UnigineUnited 3D Labs is an official partner of Unigine

Advantages of UNIGINE

UNIGINE is real-time 3D engine for immersive VR applications. It can successfully compete with such recognized leaders of real-time visualization systems as Unreal Engine and Unity. Unigine certainly offers significant benefits, which can be fully open up developing serious professional applications, such as different types of simulators, architectural visualization and digital twins.

There is a number of technical advantages that Unigine provides. For instance: high performance, operations in geographic coordinate system, multi-channel rendering, support for the Linux operating system, etc. Furthermore, the platform presents a remarkable level of immersion due to unique mix of cutting-edge graphical technologies with features required specifically for serious games, training and simulation.

In the top of that, there are no more boundaries for your imagination. UNIGINE allows to create worlds as big as you want them to be.

Photorealistic image quality

UNIGINE platform is primarily designed for professional use: development of industrial or military simulators, BIM systems, CAD data display, etc.

Unlike most of the similar solutions, the it allows you to work with photorealistic graphics. Its cutting-edge visual fidelity is designed for industrial use on large-scale scenarios. UNIGINE enables us to deliver absolutely stunning-quality natural atmospheric phenomenon, water surface and landscapes simulation, which literally immerses the user into virtual reality. This is especially important when creating simulators. The high level of immersion is achieved through a number of state-of-the-art visual technologies.

United 3D Labs team of experts effectively develops new projects based on UNIGINE 3D visualization platform. Get to know us better! To find out more about our company, please check the multimedia solutions we have developed in the Portfolio section.