United 3D Labs is happy to offer developing visually stimulating, memorable and highly effective information and promotional videos for your company. Our promo and info video production services ensure that your brand or product is represented in the best possible light.

There is a slight difference between promotional and information videos. Generally, it is considered that information videos are longer and more detailed. If the average duration of a promo video is 30 seconds, an information video lasts for not less than 60 seconds.

Info videos describe in detail the advantages of a product or service; they often operate with numbers and facts. If promo clips primarily address to feelings and emotions of consumers, info videos work other way round.

Nevertheless, the methods of production for both promotional and information videos are almost the same: they make use of staged and documentary footage, computer graphics and animation, visual effects. Plus, musical arrangement has a considerable impact. 

Information videos, perhaps, much more often exploit computer graphics and animation. The reasons are simple: we often need to show the operation principle of some unit, and video shooting will simply not to do that; besides, sometimes there are some abstract matters described, so that there is simply no way they can be filmed. In these cases, motion design is here to help.

Good quality infographics saves the time of your viewer when dealing with a great deal of factual information, placing the necessary accents and highlighting important facts.

Nowadays, immersive visual concepts have been becoming an incredibly powerful tool to engage people. Whether it is a 360-degree video, a virtual reality experience, augmented reality or simply interactive content, they are all on the rise. In just a few years these new video content formats have revolutionized the communications and marketing world. For example, whether it's a new workshop or a bridge under construction, a 360° video can give viewers the full scale and significance of the project.

Artists, animators and motion designers of United 3D Labs are happy to invite you to our showroom, where, with a cup of delicious coffee, we will show you the presentation videos we have already delivered and discuss in detail with your ideas.