United 3D Labs has created a video presentation demonstrating the operation principle and advantages of the Novik oil, associated gas and formation water measurement unit.

Surprisingly the oil extracted from wells is not a pure product, it is a mixture of oil, produced water and associated gas. Moreover, the proportion of water can reach up to 80%. Then the mixture is carried to the crude processing unit where it gets desalted, dehydrated and degassed. And only after that the oil goes to an oil trunk pipeline. 

It is clear that the determination of the mass fraction of oil, water and gas in the mixture plays an important role for the further process of oil treatment. The problem is complicated by the fact that these parameters can strongly differ for various well clusters. 

NOVIK measurement unit is developed on the basis of unique Russian UHF technologies, it determines parameters of the extracted oil and gas at each well; the accuracy of the measurement is up to 2 times higher than standard requirements and metrology cost is 5 times lower than any existing analogues. 

When creating a video presentation, our main task was to demonstrate the purpose and principle of operation of the installation in a simple and clear way, so not only a person with special background could understand it. That was quite a challenge because it is extremely difficult to understand its working principle by the appearance of the measuring unit as all the processes are hidden inside. For that reason, we went for computer graphics and 3D animation to help. 

Visual imagery of the video, which gives you a feeling of science fiction blockbusters, highlights the complexity and innovative nature of the installation, clearly explaining at the same time its purpose and benefits.

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