United 3D Labs provides full video and film production services including:
  • script writing;
  • video shooting and editing;
  • color correcting and grading, 
  • visual effects and computer graphics;
  • post production and dubbing.
We offer high quality, attention-getting results that are designed to meet specific goals of each client. Our team works with Red EPIC, ARRI ALEXA, Blackmagic cameras as well as dedolight, ARRI, Kino Flo lights. We exploit DJI Phantom IV drones and Insta360 Pro camera. Moreover, we have our own computer graphics, visual effects and post-production studio.

Reasons why video content is so popular

Creating a video is probably the most effective and thus popular way to communicate your ideas. Why? There are several reasons for this:

  1. Production process is relatively simple (and hence cheap). When you develop a CG project, sometimes it might take a week (and even more) to create just a second of complex computer graphics. When it comes to video production, one second of a video clip takes exactly a second (truth to be told though, sometimes you have to film for hours to catch the right shot).

  2. It feels real. Camera captures things that exist in real world, and people tend to trust visual information. If you see a house on the screen, then our brain identifies it as real. (It should be noted though that's not entirely true. Modern means of computer graphics have the power to insert non-existent objects into video the way you would never notice).

  3. Its habitual character. New technologies, such as VR and serious games can scare some customers.

Video production for business

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. Advertising, corporate and marketing promo videos, production tutorials, etc.: various video solutions are used in all areas of business. They are particularly effective combined with 5.1 surround sound audio system, which provides high-quality and realistic reproduction of speech, sound effects and music.

CG and visual effects

Video production in commercials and movies usually goes hand in hand with computer graphics and visual effects. It is simply impossible to find a full-length movie or commercial without any computer processing. Furthermore, implementing computer graphics is widespread in presentation videos and educational films. It could be used for greater expressiveness and brightness of the footage or in line with customer’s desire to remove a disturbing element or hide old pipes in a shop with cutting-edge equipment.


Infographics also plays a great role in video production. For instance, in many cases presentation and information videos need some textual explanations. Certainly, there is always a dubbing option, which is often not very convenient though. For example, it is usually quite noisy at exhibitions, and loud sounds disturb or even annoy visitors. In such cases infographics does not only help to present all the necessary information but also makes it memorable (implying good quality infographics). 

United 3D Labs experts will be happy to see you in our showroom! We will demonstrate you the video solutions created by us, as well as discuss your ideas.