United 3D Labs offers development of modern high-performance solutions for industrial enterprises such as:

  • training simulators;

  • virtual reality simulators;

  • interactive reference materials and instructions;

  • remote assistant solutions based on augmented reality systems;

  • digital copies and interactive 3D models of industrial sites;

  • real-time data display and analytics;

  • mathematical modeling of technological processes. 

Manufacturing today cannot stay competitive without introducing digital solutions to it. This issue is particularly relevant in Russia. Various Automatic Process Control Systems were widely used in the Soviet Union and are now an essential element of an industrial plant. However, the lack of widespread modern digitalization systems in the country greatly reduces the efficiency of enterprises; on the other hand, it provides us with a unique chance to make a leap in development process and implement the latest solutions that have just become applicable in the leading industrial countries. Every new day demands new technologies, digital technologies, shape-shifters of modern industrial enterprises.

Digitalization probably has the most noticeable impact on various training and technological process simulators for employees. The dramatically increased quality of virtual reality headsets visualization, as well as significant progress in the software of real-time visualization systems allow to recreate a very realistic experience of working environment for employees (especially the new ones) and related technological processes. This way, a trainee can learn without the risk of damaging expensive equipment or destroy anything. Moreover, this technology dramatically reduces the time (and therefore the cost) of personnel training within modernization of production lines.

Augmented reality technologies also find their way in manufacturing, primarily as "remote assistant" systems. Remote assistant helps workers perform their jobs better through AR by providing the knowledge needed to perform complex tasks. This is a great way to have specialized expertise on-site anytime, anywhere. Whenever a new or complex problem arises, for example, equipment failure, field service technicians can now put an augmented reality headset on and connect with an expert. Real-time 3D animations, work instructions, and annotations are demonstrated in the field-of-view of the worker, overlaid on their exact location on the equipment. Thus, an employee easily gets a faster diagnose and solution, this way reducing repair downtime, saving time and money.

There is an ever-increasing need to make a variety of accurate and balanced on-the-spot decisions by middle and senior management of large enterprises that entails an increasing demand for the creation of digital copies and interactive models of production workshops and entire plants.

In most cases, a digital copy is a 3D model of an enterprise with superimposed infographics of data displayed both in real time and retrospectively. You can implement any data to it: from the pressure and temperature indicators in a particular distillation tower to the number of employees who are currently on leave. Additionally, the basis of the received data, analytical and statistical systems allow to predict the probabilities of equipment failure.

United 3D Labs specialists are glad to invite you to visit our show room, we will demonstrate the solutions we have already developed for large industrial enterprises and to discuss the best way to exploit cutting-edge technologies in your enterprise.

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