Developing interactive presentations is one of our most popular services. Motion designers, artists, animators and programmers of United 3D Labs have considerable experience in creating presentations for both commercial companies and government agencies. We use Unreal and Unity game engines as well as Ventuz software, which is the world leading presentation development system.

Interactive presentations are a very important part of multimedia solutions. More generally, any multimedia project is an interactive presentation. An exposition in a historical museum is a presentation of a historical event, an art installation is a presentation of the artist's vision, a training simulator is a presentation of work with equipment.

Interactive presentations could be used independently: these are all kinds of multi-touch kiosks and tables; moreover, you can exploit them within the framework of different events, including speeches. In the first case the emphasis is usually on the information component of the presentation and its easy management: the user should get the most of the information with the minimum amount of effort. In the second situation, the dominant role is played by the visual range and its unusual presentation. The main task is to impress the audience, capture and hold the attention. In this case, various technical tricks are often used: huge video walls, mapping, musion eyeliner or holographic films, etc. But, in any case, the content of the presentation determines the equipment used. First you need to understand what you want to demonstrate, and then you’ll know the how.

Currently, the most advanced multimedia solutions are game engines and real-time visualization systems, which are used in the development of interactive presentations. Ventuz holds a special place here.

Ventuz is a Hi-End presentation software. All the world's largest companies use Ventuz to create bright unforgettable presentations. Its undisputed leadership is explained by a combination of two extremely rare factors: it is easy to use for designers, plus it has amazing technical characteristics. Ventuz can control any number of projectors, video walls, screens and lighting devices. It receives data fr om all common sensors. It supports almost any resolution and format. Long story short, if you want to create something very beautiful and complex, go for Ventuz.

Recently, interactive presentations have been making use of virtual reality technologies. Both customers and spectators are attracted by the opportunity to see houses that have not been built yet or observe the way technological equipment that has not been launched works. Augmented reality headsets (such as Microsoft Hololens) allow you to accompany real objects with virtual presentation data, thus most clearly and intelligibly bringing the information necessary for users.

United 3D Labs is happy to invite you to our showroom, where we with great pleasure will demonstrate you our interactive projects, including the ones in virtual and augmented reality.