What are the unique advantages of presentations and speeches with HoloLens augmented reality headset and how do they work in practice?

MIREA University branch in Fryazino celebrated its 55th anniversary not long ago. United 3D Labs had a special present for the university. Our designers and programmers developed a presentation using HoloLens augmented reality goggles headset.

Wearing an augmented reality headset, the speaker sees holograms and at the same time all those people in the hall: this greatly helps to maintain contact with the audience. Also, a video camera and special software provides the audience with the opportunity to see on the big screen the presenter and the same objects of augmented reality that he or she sees. Thus, all people present are united by the magic of AR.

During the speech, the presenter is accompanied by bright animated three-dimensional informative elements. This way you can present even boring facts and statistics in the form of fantastic images, dynamically changing each other. The speaker changes animated content blocks by using a simple hand gesture and therefore he, or in our case she, does not need to adhere to the hard timing.

Enjoy the performance as this format is still rare around the world, but it is already clear that these presentations are the future.

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