United 3D Labs has developed an augmented reality interactive car configurator application.

Driving a brand-new car can be one of the great experiences of life. Walking into a dealership or showroom you are hoping to find the perfect one that will exactly suit your needs for years to come. However, even the largest of showrooms can accommodate only a limited number of models from a huge variety. However, potential buyers usually want to see the car in their favorite metallic blue color right here right now. What if it is not there?

There is a solution to it - we have developed a car configurator in virtual reality. A potential buyer puts on a VR headset and finds himself in front of a virtual car, which looks so real you can’t help but stretch your hand to it. VR configurator offers a great advantage. In virtual reality, you can choose any conceivable option - any model, color, or wheels. It is a great solution, however, there are two disadvantages:

a) you need a bulky virtual reality headset and a powerful computer;

b) some visitors to a showroom might not want to put on a VR headset.

Here augmented reality comes to the rescue. United 3D Labs team has developed an AR application for iPad. It is pretty much the same configurator but in augmented reality. It offers you several options, such as scaling the car to fit and exploring it closely from all angles. With augmented reality technology, you can also go into the car’s interior and take a detailed look at the equipment here. Moreover, users can change car color, its wheels, and interior - the same as in the VR version.

The main advantage that augmented reality offers is no bulky equipment. Plus, users do not have to wear a helmet. Another benefit is that it greatly helps sales managers. Light and compact tablet could contain extended product catalog. AR product catalogs provide your customers with the opportunity to visualize items in the real world and obtain detailed functional information at the same time.

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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