United 3D Labs offers a full range of services for developing multimedia promo solutions:

  • creative and concept development;
  • content development
  • designing the installations
  • installation and adjustment of the equipment
  • technical support.

We make use of interactive displays, Kinect technology, video cameras, games, virtual reality headsets, social networks. Let's make your promo event a massively memorable success!

Multimedia solutions and promotions

Want to raise awareness of your product with emotionally charged, memorable brand experiences? Interactive installations for promotions are probably one of the most effective marketing activities. We believe that multimedia solutions (at least good ones) guarantee a lively interest and active participation of the attendees, which is the goal of any promotion campaign.

How much it costs to create  interactive solutions

On the surface it seems that developing solutions for promo actions gives room for creativity and innovation, right? However, there are always some limitations. First of all, that’s the budget that matters. Buying equipment for a major promotion could be quite expensive. Besides, in the situation of a long term promotion, renting is not a way out as it turns out to be even more expensive. However, in addition to the equipment, the price of which is fixed and clear, there is still content development that takes time and expertise; plus, the pricing of the tailor-made one could easily exceed the equipment.


Another limiting factor is that you need quite a spacious area for a promotional event venue. Although the equipment itself usually does not take much space, to place all the participants may require a large area. For example, a fairly large video wall takes only 2 m2, but to get a clear picture you need to look at it from a five-meter distance, this way it immediately begins to require an area of about 30 m2, which is not always possible. 

Therefore, in most cases, you have to go for just a display and some sort of activity that can be organized within a few square meters. Here various sensors such as Kinect, different types of controllers, etc. are used.

Content for promotions is various, in most cases it is a kind of game mechanics. Social networks (Facebook, VK, Instagram) are often used to provide maximum coverage.

Virtual reality

One of the most attractive multimedia solutions for promotions today is virtual reality headsets. These gadgets are quite cheap, besides VR always appeals to people and brings massive participant flow. Moreover, there are endless possibilities for memorable interactive content. That, in turn, gives you a great competitive advantage over your market rivals.

United 3D Labs managers I would be delighted to see you in our showroom, demonstrate our solutions for promotions, and discuss your projects.