LG held a promo event for the new line of CINEMA 3D TVs in Moscow. There were branded promo stands with the latest model of LG TV and home cinema system in 10 largest shopping centers of the city. United 3D Labs, commissioned by Brand Experience (Media Arts) agency, has developed a 3D gesture control promo game, designed to provide the constant interest of mall visitors.

While developing the game we built upon these three main criteria:

1. No adaptations

The whole game was created for this specific promo action. Defining our target audience helped us to identify the most suitable mechanics, pick up optimum management scheme and include elements of brand communication without causing negative reactions.

We did our best to take everything into account. No visitor of the mall would take more than a minute trying to get into the intricacies of the game’s working mechanism, so we made sure that it has a simple and intuitive control scheme. To meet various preferences of the users, we developed three levels of the game: "Space", "Fantasy" and “Adventure”. What is more, you can play alone or with a partner without changing the gameplay (which helped to reduce the development time).

2. 3D format

We have chosen stereoscopic technologiesas the best way to demonstrate all the competitive advantages of LG CINEMA 3D TVs. This is a crucial moment, as it determined the effectiveness of the promo game. Most games are created for regular monitors and TVs. However, this approach restricts the possibilities of developers: apart from the fact that the game will be shown on regular screens, you cannot use a lot of techniques that make a tremendous impression in the stereo. Also, if you create a game in regular format, you cannot automatically transform it into 3D; there are definitely going to get some inconsistencies.

The game has two modes: the standby mode, when the TV showed regular pictures. As soon as the system recognized a new visitor, it invited him or her to take part in the promo game. And only after the participant put on 3D glasses, the system went into 3D stereo demonstration mode.

3. Gesture control without any additional equipment

Built on the basis of the Xtion PRO sensor (similar to Kinect but more convenient), the control system allows you to determine the presence of potential participants at the area of the promo stand, invite them to take part in the game and put 3D glasses on, choose one of the levels or view demo videos. At the same time, the management of the promo game is made as simple as possible: it is controlled by small tilts to the left and right. 3-5 seconds after the start, even 6-year-olds understood perfectly well how they had to move to steer a dragon or a spaceship in the right direction.

The combination of those three factors provided the constant attention of mall visitors to the game, promotional stands and the LG CINEMA 3D TVs. 

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