United 3D Labs offers its customers multi-user interactive games with individual branding for interactive touch tables. They have a variety of applications; such games are increasingly popular at exhibitions, conferences, corporate events. You can just install it in the lobby your office, so that visitors do not get bored while waiting.

This solution perfectly fits both private companies and public organizations. Due to large screens, touch tables can show a significant amount of visual information. Moreover, the fact that interactive tables could function for several users at once opens up wide opportunities for creating multimedia content.

This way you can present some diagrams, graphs and annual reports on multi touch tables, but we believe that the best way to promote your company is entertaining the viewer. This is the very Infotaiment and Advertaiment. As part of this concept United 3D Labs created several multi-player games specifically for interactive tables.

We offer such interactive games for touch tables, branded according to customer requirements, as: 

“Air Hockey” 




"Spot the difference”. 

No flash and 2D graphics! Only interactive games that are implemented with Ventuz Professional and use all its features to the fullest for three-dimensional online render. 3D models, virtual light, animation, sound effects: all these make the game vivid and memorable.

At the same time, considering that today Ventuz is the most powerful tool for creating professional interactive presentations, a significant part of developers goes for it. Ventuz games are easily integrated into the presentation logic, without requiring a special switch to the game mode. It is also easy to go back from the game to the presentation.

The game applications developed by United 3D Labs are quite simple and have intuitive rules. As the games are designed for two players (Air Hockey is even up to 6 players!), there is always some competition and excitement.

All games have logical branding. What’s more, production of the company becomes an integral part of the logic for such games as "Memory" and "Find differences". If desired, you can change the entire design of the interactive game in accordance with the wishes of your customer. Thinking about an extraordinary game for the touch table for your company? Our solutions are just for you!

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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