United 3D Labs has developed a multimedia presentation about Moscow Central Diameters (cross-city rail network lines) for touch table.

How to convey a large amount of information while doing it quickly, clearly and above all memorable? A colorful presentation for a multi-touch table is a great solution. Touch tables always spark the interest. Moreover, they are a pleasure to use and a lot of fun, especially for kids. This way, touch tables become an effective communication channel. Plus, interactive presentation allows you to convey much more interesting information to users.

We have put together two interactive ultra-thin bezel MultiTaction touchscreens so they work as a single multi-touch display. This way, every visitor of Moscow Central Diameters demonstration pavilion has an opportunity to get acquainted with all the advantages of the new means of transport. The design of the table is quite compact but convenient. Thus, all guests can study the sections of the presentation they are interested in without bothering each other.

The unique advantage of MultiTaction interactive display is that it detects three-dimensional objects placed on its surface. Customized crystal navigation cubes with MCD symbols made a splash among both children and adults. You can open the main menu by putting the cube on the touch surface. Furthermore, the image on the screen can change the position following the cube. For example, if you spin it, the image will rotate. This way, the navigation cube determines the position of the “virtual workspace” of each user, which is very convenient when several people use an interactive installation at the same time.

The presentation for the touch table, developed by United 3D Labs, is a comprehensive interactive solution with 3D graphics and animation. It provides each user with information about the routes, passenger services, fare and characteristics of the rolling stock, which will move along the routes. Information blocks are linked by an animated interface.

We have developed amusing games for young visitors. For instance, you put pieces together, which produce a complete picture of the “Ivolga” train. Or you can build the fastest route or help cute little animals to find their seat on the train. Moreover, there is an interactive quiz about the Moscow Central diameters. If you answer all the questions correctly, you will get a souvenir.

We are pleased that you have expressed an interest in our services. Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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