Now any viewer can get into the office of Yuri Lyubimov, dressing room of Vladimir Vysotsky or the props workshop of the theatre. Our installation gives you chance to do all that in a form of 360° virtual tour.

Developing the concept of an interactive kiosk for the Taganka Theater, our main idea was to show its authentic sprit. The logo of the Taganka theater is a red rectangle. The rectangle in Suprematism (an art movement) has become a scheme, an archetype, a prototype of all the images on the plane both already existing and those that will be created. It is logical that in three-dimensional space such a pure form is a cube as this form best characterizes the determinism of space. In this regard, we took Suprematist models or architectons, as Malevich would say as a basis. On the screen of the interactive display we see a plastic composition consisting of cubes that move (or better say "breathe") perpendicular to the horizontal plane. Then, in the ratio of the "Golden section" to the display area, an architectonic tower begins to grow, which is crowned by a pulsating red cube. It should be noted that almost all elements of the image are derived from various modifications of the Golden section in their form. To the right of the tower we see interactive buttons: "History", "Repertoire", "Actors", "Excursions", click on them and you will go to corresponding section. Each of them, in addition to the light tone difference, makes you shift the perspective of observation. When implementing the design of these sections, we tried to move away from the rigid constants of the placement of elements and make them mobile, not fixed in one place. You can move not only photos, but also titles and annotations, which makes the interactive installation even more flexible to the viewer's desires, kind of avant-garde and standing out from the standard solutions.

I think it's pretty safe to say that all the admirers of theatrical art dream about getting into the mysterious backstage. The section "Excursion" takes the viewer to the hidden areas of the theater: its production workshops, dressing rooms, administration offices. Special equipment was used to shoot the premises, which then was transferred to 360 ° panoramas and implemented in the installation. High quality of illustrations gives the opportunity to read the inscriptions in the legendary office of Lyubimov and active "points of interest" will tell you more about the artifacts in the room. 

The design of "Audioplay" section was inspired by the famous picture of Lilya Brik by Alexander Rodchenko. In our case, we used the image of actress Maria Matveeva. The audio performance devoted to just one day in the Taganka Theater is broadcast in six languages: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and Chinese. 

The installation is implemented with the help of professional software Ventuz, which allowed to manage a large volume of media content in real time on touch panels. 

It also has a simple and user friendly interface of the admin panel that allows you to add and edit information in all sections. Remote schedule is implemented in order to turn on and off six information kiosks which are placed in the Taganka Theater. Moreover, you can manage the information complex using your mobile phone 

The installation was commissioned by Polymedia system integrator company.

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