One of the main activities of United 3D Labs is the development of various interactive solutions. We deliver software and content for multi-touch tables and information kiosks, exhibition installations and museum expositions, virtual tours and multimedia presentations. We work with universally recognized real-time visualization systems: Unreal Engine, Unity3D, Ventuz, TouchDesigner. We exploit Disguise (formerly d3 Technologies) and BlackTrax media servers to create interactive content for the theater performances and shows. We utilize specific controllers and tracking systems.

Interactive solutions are perhaps the most popular, high-demand and comprehensive area in the modern space of multimedia projects. Custom touch solutions are probably the most sought-after, but it's not just limited to them. Mobile applications and huge interactive video walls, promo games and virtual reality, art installations and museum exhibitions are just a few examples of interactive solutions.

Here are the two very simple reasons why interactive multimedia solutions spark user interest:

In the huge flow of data passing through each person is very difficult to isolate really necessary, important, and most importantly useful information. 

What's the point of making a potential client watch a 10-minute promo if he only needs specific data about a single product of the company? The probability is high that it will get your potential customer bored and eventually he will not buy anything. It is much easier to give your client the opportunity to choose the information that is needed and to do it fast and conveniently. 

There is also a practical application component of interactive projects. Any student knows that theoretical classes do not bring much benefit if not combined with practical workshops, where one can practice to consolidate the knowledge. Interactive solutions can be compared to practical classes. By interacting with the system and receiving feedback from it, a person interacts gets this practical experience with a product image, thereby better learning data or received sensations. Better participation always equals better memorization.

The latter fact also explains why interactive solutions for advertising purposes are often gamified to form positive feedback in the process of the interaction with the product or its associated image, set the goal for its further use and purchase in ordinary real life.

There is a great variety of interactive solutions, we will be happy to demonstrate them in our demo room and discuss technologies and opportunities for you and your business.

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