United 3D Labs offers services in developing multimedia content for theatres and performance spaces:

  • multimedia stage design using tracking systems;
  • 3d mapping;
  • interactive theatre museums;
  • virtual tours;
  • art installations.

Multimedia solutions in theatre today

Modern theatrical productions are a unique and highly complex synthesis of different types of art. It is a mix of dramatic reading, acting, singing, choreography, circus and fine arts, music, cinema and even architecture. Nowadays, multimedia technologies have given opportunity to enrich different creative and cultural industries and arts, introduced more possibilities into creative projects to build a special atmosphere and a deeper and more emotional perception of the content.

Theater directors and playwrights actively use multimedia technologies in their performances as they are looking for new ways of communication with the audience, new ways of implementing more complex ideas. It used to take some time to rearrange and change the scenery, now with the help of video mapping on the sets, you can change the location or time of year within a few seconds. The combination of live acting and pre-created visual effects opens up entirely new possibilities for directors and producers.

3D mapping

Projection mapping is probably the most frequent and obvious way of using multimedia content in theatrical productions. However, there is always room for surprise: mapping on moving theatrical sets or actors (which involves working with different tracking systems) leaves lasting impression on audience. 3D holographic projection technology by musion or translucent grids also look fascinating.

Interactive expositions for theatre museums

Multimedia technologies aren’t limited by stage space though, they crawl into the foyer in a form of video installations about history of each theater and its founders; interactive kiosks with virtual tours of the theater backstage, so every viewer can take a peek at what’s hidden behind the curtains; theatre museums with multimedia expositions about actors and performances.

Art & technology

“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place”, that’s what the characters of “Alice in Wonderland” say. Motion capture technologies, using holograms in various ways, shooting and broadcasting 360° videos for virtual reality headsets, combining sound, light and video with the help of multimedia servers: in today’s dynamic world it is necessary to run even faster to keep up and not lag behind the progress of technology in every field of life.

Artists, animators, and programmers of United 3D Labs are happy to invite you to our show room and demonstrate our interactive solutions for theaters. We will be glad to help you bring your creative ideas to life.