United 3D Labs has developed a 3D mapping installation with interactive control commissioned by the advertising Agency SOLEANS.

3D mapping is projecting images onto three-dimensional objects, including complex shapes. Due to the combination of dynamic video series with an unusual shape of real objects, a fascinating optical illusion is created that is going to blow you away.

Mapping is typically used to project on buildings and other architectural objects, but there are also some unusual solutions, for instance, in this case, 3D mapping in the meeting room.   

Usually, the storyline in project mapping, as in any conventional video or film, develops according to a predetermined scenario. The viewer can only follow the plan of the director or the artist. The uniqueness of the United 3D Labs development lies in the initial focus on the interactivity of this solution. There are five initially given scenes but how exactly each scene looks that’s for the viewer to decide.

Whether the sun shines or it rains, it is morning or evening, winter or summer — all these features are decided by the viewer. Or rather, not even the viewer but the creator of this little fairy world. Whether make palm trees grow or fly space ships, that's your call. There are over 60 settings that can be modified in the 3D mapping. The installation can be controlled both with the help of an interactive multi-touch table and iPad. Thanks to a specially designed interface, even a child can easily manage.

3D mapping is created by three synchronized projectors run by a cluster of computers connected by the Ventuz Professional software. Interactive tables and iPads are connected to the same cluster via Wi-Fi.

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