An interactive educational center "Know yourself, know the world" was opened at the State Darwin Museum in Moscow on September 1. United 3D Labs, commissioned by the "SupremeTouch" company, has developed an interactive installation of the new center.

At the entrance, all the guests are greeted by the symbol of the center: a 3D chameleon named Charlie. Charlie affably waves at you with his paw from the large 65-inch screen next to the entrance, and everyone who comes to the installation can interact with it. Thanks to 3D modelers, animators and programmers of United 3D Labs, Charlie looks extremely realistic; it can even change its color the same as a living lizard.

The new museum installation is gesture controlled. When no one is around, the chameleon lives its own life: it walks in the jungle, moving from branch to branch. But if one of the visitors comes closer to the exposition, the chameleon crawls out of its shelter and friendly welcomes the new guest. Charlie can perform a number of actions, which users can learn about by reading the pop-up prompts on the screen. So, if a visitor waves their hand, the chameleon waves back with the right or left paw, the same one the visitor used. We should admit that sometimes it makes mistakes, but it quickly notices them and laughs in the cutest way.

Also, guests can play with the lizard and throw an object to it (by making a throwing hand motion). The reaction of the chameleon is always amusing and spontaneous. If a banana flies to Charlie, it hides and turns yellow. If a guest throws a ball, the 3D character kicks it and changes its color to a mix of blue and red.

You can also feed Charlie by throwing a grasshopper to it. But if Charlie gets a ladybug, then the chameleon will surely eat it. However, it will be very disappointed and may even spit. Finally, a predatory bird can attack our brave character, then it will completely disappear by blending into surroundings

Raising both hands up, any guest can take a photo with the chameleon. Designers of our studio created an augmented reality mode for that. The camera turns on, and the visitor appears on the screen next to the chameleon. After a countdown, there will be three pictures on the nearby touch kiosk that can be sent to your e-mail or posted on social networks. Thus, you can have this unforgettable experience and also take a memorable photo with a lovely chameleon from the Darwin Museum.

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