United 3D Labs offers developing educational applications and installations for schools, universities and other educational institutions, such as:
  • VR lessons;
  • virtual laboratory;
  • AR learning materials;
  • training simulators;
  • educational videos and films;
  • multi-touch tables and kiosks;
  • interactive installations and museum expositions.

Multimedia technologies in education

Multimedia technologies have had a great impact on education. It all started a long time ago, way earlier than computers got widely distributed. Remember the language laboratories, where the study of foreign languages? This is a classic example of multimedia equipment.

Currently, we widely use various interactive whiteboards, projectors, document cameras, digital laboratories, computer simulators, and other achievements of modern multimedia technologies in the educational process.

There are also digital laboratories, which make it easier for students to do experiments remotely, but also they have significant disadvantages. First, the set of functions they offer is not very wide and is usually reduced to measuring temperature, voltage, pulse, etc. However, this is rather primitive. Secondly, it requires a lot of equipment, which should be stored, maintained, and periodically repaired. And finally, it could just be very expensive.

Eventually, we come to training simulators: this is a perfect solution for education. Modern technologies of virtual, augmented, and mixed realities radically change the game and approach to the educational process.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality allows you to clearly show hidden processes and freely operate three-dimensional objects. For instance, let’s take Microsoft Hololens headsets, which turn the study of human anatomy or stereometry into pure magic. With a wave of your hand (as Hololens AR HMDs recognize gestures), a three-dimensional body is built right in front of you, then it becomes translucent, the network of blood vessels gets visible.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality makes it possible for any high school to have a physical lab like in MIT or the biological class of Tokyo University. Any equipment, any experiments, including those in the real world would never be possible to carry out because of their danger to students (and to the school building). 

Mixed reality 

Mixed reality technology and visual effects can allow school students to make their own Hollywood-like movies.

Thus, now we are witnessing how modern multimedia technologies enhance the learning process and bring global changes to education.

United 3D Labs team is thrilled to discuss your project and demonstrate our solutions.