United 3D Labs interactive graphics lab offers multimedia solutions for corporate events:
  • videos;
  • interactive presentations;
  • installations, expositions, virtual tours;
  • content for interactive tables and kiosks;
  • promo games.
We develop various multimedia solutions that make corporate events stand out. Besides, if you go for augmented or virtual reality, your social occasion is definitely going to be much more spectacular.

Corporate events types

Corporate events can be divided into three main types:

  • business;
  • training;
  • entertaining.
Don’t fail to take advantage of multimedia technologies for any of them!

Business corporate events

Business events involve all kinds of presentations and speeches, and today it is simply impossible to do without multimedia resources here. Any report is usually accompanied by at least a presentation made with PowerPoint. However, if the company is large, or the event is significant, it could require much more than that. Best unreactive presentations are made with top presentation tools such as Ventuz professional software or game engines. They incorporate video, computer graphics, animation, motion design; nevertheless, it could take quite a lot of time to create a high-quality, visually stunning presentation. On average, you need to spend a couple of months creating a presentation like this; but eventually, it will have a blockbuster quality.

Also, you could consider using presentations and information videos for business events. Their great advantage is that they don’t require a speaker: the visual imaging greatly delivers all the necessary information. However, there is also a downside to it as in this case there is no human communication involved.

Training corporate events

Training activities usually also require presentations and videos. They slightly differ from multimedia business events, except that they focus more on the information part.

If a training event is devoted to complex technology or equipment, computer simulators are a great solution. Recently virtual reality headsets have been taking the ground as, on the one hand, the equipment piece is quite compact; on the other hand, trainees have a very realistic experience of interaction with the technique.

By the way, virtual reality headsets are very useful at presentations, for example, if it is necessary to demonstrate large spaces plants, or residential areas under construction. No screen illustration can beat the almost complete immersion.

Entertaining corporate events

Presentations are great for entertainment corporate events as well. Plus, you can make use of various interactive installations, games, and virtual reality. They provide room for creative solutions that perfectly fit into the entertainment format of the event.

We are always happy to demonstrate our corporate event solutions and discuss the technologies and opportunities that would be the best for your event.