United 3D Labs provides computer graphics and animation development services:
  • informational and promo videos;
  • multimedia presentations;
  • interactive installations;
  • museum expositions;
  • VR and AR.
Our Lab employs skillful artists, CG designers and animators. Furthermore, we own a render farm, high-performance workstations and server equipment, which allows us to develop complex solutions with no technical limitations.

The basis of modern multimedia space

Computer graphics and animation are essential elements of any modern-day visual solution whether you develop virtual reality solution or an interactive presentation, an info video or a game, infographics or architectural visualization. In fact, CG and animation form the basis of today’s multimedia space. Well executed design and animation has a huge impact on the look and feel of any project. No matter if it’s a commercial or a documentary, a video or a conference presentation - we bring the same design skill and meticulous attention to detail to any project.

When it comes to pricing…

It is worth noting though that computer graphics can be delivered in very different ways. Hollywood blockbusters are often almost entirely based on CG and visual effects. It is developed by hundreds and even thousands of experts and worth millions of dollars. Meanwhile, if you want a high-quality presentation you can go for good motion graphic design. Developing such solution would be much cheaper. But again, it all depends on the task. In any case, CG should be employed in order to achieve your objectives whether it is a full-length feature film or a training video.

Importance of technical aspects

High-quality computer graphics is not only a great creative solution, beautiful visualization and realistic animation. There are still a lot of technical peculiarities invisible to the viewer, which greatly influence the whole creation process.

Internal technical aspects play even more important role in developing interactive solutions, particularly when using real-time renderers (the same as game engines). When models or animations are improperly created, the mathematical calculation of the scenes (render) may take too long, and the frame rate becomes too low. The viewer perceives this as a twitch of the image, which is extremely unpleasant to look at.

CG and animation in VR

CG and animation are especially important in virtual reality projects. You just cannot do without them. Furthermore, when using VR headsets, not only realism of the user’s perception of virtual world but also general condition of the viewer depends on quality of graphics. If frame rate of VR headsets’ displays is less than 90 shots per second, there is a disagreement between visually perceived movement and the vestibular system's sense of movement (the body moves but the image does not), which naturally leads to “motion sickness”. Therefore, creation of high-quality computer graphics and animation plays a crucial role. 

Designers and computer graphics specialists of United 3D Labs are happy to invite you to our show room, to demonstrate our CG and animation solutions. If you can imagine it, we can create it.