United 3D Labs delivers various interactive solutions, multi-screen configurations, computer graphics, video and lightning management software, as well as any other complex solutions developed with Ventuz high-end real-time visualization program.

Creating interactive solutions confronts us with many choices. There are dozens of interactive software options like Unity, Unreal, TouchDesigner, vvvv, etc. There is also a sufficient number of media servers, such as Pandoras Box, Disguise (formerly d3), Resolume Arena, Watchout, etc.; there are video wall controller products by such recognized market leaders as Barco and Christie. However, if you need to create a beautiful presentation quickly or develop a large-scale solution, involving a couple of dozen displays and multiple projectors, for example, it would be the best thing to go for Ventuz.

Ventuz real-time visualization software was developed by a German company Ventuz Technology in 2004. This is a convenient program for developing spectacular interactive presentations that has become a powerful tool for creating and displaying almost any content with any resolution for any media. Currently, Ventuz is used to manage large-scale shows, interactive installations, 3D mapping and, naturally, to develop excellent presentations. The success of it lies in the stunning simplicity of creating high-quality three-dimensional content, on the one hand, and absolutely fantastic possibilities of scaling, programming and management on the other.

Ventuz allows you to create complex 3D graphics and animation, merge overlapping edges of two or more projected images creating a seamless single image in minutes, display images on curved surfaces, play video files of any resolution (even 50K), use DMX light control, provide control with OSC, work with databases, display web pages, capture video from studio production and IP cameras, work with touch devices and a variety of controllers. To increase the number of output channels (video display devices), you simply need to add the required number of servers with installed Ventuz and Runtime software and combine them into a network. This way the number of output channels can be almost infinite.

United 3D Labs is an official partner of Ventuz Technology in Russia.

We are happy to invite you to our showroom, where we will demonstrate you the great opportunities that Ventuz software opens up and find the best way to use them in solving your tasks.

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