United 3D Labs has developed a video mapping installation for demonstration pavilion of Moscow Central Diameters (new cross-city railway lines).

One of the peculiarities of the pavilion, located in Square of Europe in Moscow, is the internal layout of the space. The inner corridors replicate the shape of MCD-1 and MCD-2 routes. What is more, an animated map of Moscow is projected on the floor of the corridors. Visitors to the pavilion can literally walk along the routes of first two Central Diameters.

Eye-catching and vivid video projection mapping grabs the attention of visitors, especially young ones. It is no surprise, here you can literally chase the "Ivolga" express train rushing along the corridor.

How does the magic work? In order to create an artistic solution that would captivate visitors, advanced multimedia technologies and developed United 3D Labs own software have been implemented. 14 Full HD projectors project an animated 3D map of Moscow on the floor of the central space of the pavilion. The content resolution is higher than 20K. It is 10 times more than of films shown in cinema. The managing cluster of Ventuz multimedia servers makes it rain and snow on the magic map of Moscow Central Diameters. The Sun rises, night falls, and summer comes after winter. Furthermore, cars ride in the streets, boats float along the Moscow river, and modern “Ivolga” trains rush along MCD-1 and MCD-2 routes.

Visitors of MCD demonstration pavilion have a chance to get birds-eye glimpse of it. This way, the diameters turn into a symbol of always hurrying but immensely beautiful Moscow. Video mapping transforms the environment creating a dynamic three-dimensional space and allowing color and light to revive the static interior.

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