United 3D Labs provides our motion design services in developing:
  • commercials;
  • corporate videos; 
  • presentations.
Our team of designers, 2D artists, modelers, animators and post production specialists takes up any complex tasks and solves them in a hassle-free manner. Moreover, the fact that we have our own render farm, powerful workstations and server hardware makes our work prompt and efficient.

What is motion graphics design?

There is no single definition of the term today. Not surprisingly, motion graphics design (or its shorter version - motion design) is when motion and graphic design meet. Basically it creates the illusion of movement of movement in order to portray abstract messages or elegant transitions mostly for purpose-driven video footage. It can be made as simple or as complex as you like and often presents the information with animated text.

A little bit of history

This way, we can say that the first samples of motion design were developed at the beginning of the previous century. However, the Golden age of motion design has started with the introduction of computer graphics on television. In the fierce competition among TV channels (especially in the USA) computer graphics has become a great asset for TV crews. CG gives the perfect opportunity to make a memorable channel branding and accompany news with infographics

The need to make computer graphics bright, interesting and catchy resulted in great number of motion designer job positions on TV. That has been the starting point of surging popularity of motions graphics in all visual areas, such as advertising, information videos, presentations and even computer games.


Motion design usually goes in hand in hands with infographics when it comes to TV news, presentations or informational videos. Infographics greatly helps to transfer semantic message, motion graphics is responsible for overall visual presentation. 

United 3D Labs designers are glad to invite you to our showroom! We can demonstrate our motion design projects and discuss your ideas.