United 3D Labs has developed a presentation video about a comprehensive system of public transport in Moscow; in particular, about the main advantages of the Moscow Central Diameters, new cross-city railway lines.

How to clearly communicate a lot of information about the dynamics of Moscow transport development in just 4 minutes? Infographics is always an effective solution. Even difficult information can be delivered as a set of images rather than text so that everyone comes away with better understanding. Infographics allows you to convey the message to the audience. Figures, facts, statistics are better to be conveyed with the help of graphics and animation.

When creating a presentation video for the Moscow Central Diameters (MDC) demonstration pavilion we did our best to make it visually appealing. There is a beautiful actress in a virtual studio. Furthermore, the information about the dynamics of Moscow transport infrastructure development is presented in a form of diagrams and graphs in augmented reality around the actress. they are of different sizes. This way, the attention of the viewers focuses on more significant pieces of information. However, there is much more charts, diagrams and graphs of smaller size in every shot, which are still readable. This approach allowed us to fit in more than 50 tables and graphs in a short video.

Exploiting computer graphics in the virtual studio has brought the visual range of the video to the level of modern Hollywood blockbusters (as it is possible within the framework of the task and budget). Hologram of Moscow, transparent information displays, holographic trains rushing right through the studio: these elements are designed to grab viewers’ attention and form the idea that Moscow Central Diameters are trendy and convenient.

No doubt a very significant part is played by the actress. It is her narration that leads the audience through a maze of numbers and graphs; it is she who determines what is important and what is secondary. No matter how modern and complex the graphics is, the charm and professionalism of a talented actress attract the attention of viewers.

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